Watch: Protesters in France clash with police over government’s pension reform

Furious protesters in France kept up the pressure on President Emmanuel Macron’s government by taking to the streets again over his decision to invoke a notorious constitutional power to force the pensions reform through the National Assembly without a vote last week.

Macron appeared defiant on Tuesday after his government narrowly survived two no-confidence votes in parliament on Monday, clearing the way for the legislation raising the retirement age from 62 to 64 to enter into force.

Thousands gathered in central Paris and other French cities for another night of protests on Tuesday. Police fired tear gas, while demonstrators threw projectiles. 

In Nantes, 10,000 people according to the unions, and 4,100 according to the police, marched with torches to protest against the government’s pension reform. The first tear gas was fired shortly after the start of the demonstration by the police, who were fired upon with mortars.

Watch the full No Comment in the video player above

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