Watch: Commemoration service for the victims of Brussel’s deadliest terrorist attack

Victims of Brussel’s deadliest terrorist attack were remembered on Wednesday morning at the seventh commemoration of the event.

On 22 March 2016, 32 people were killed and hundreds injured after three suicide bombers self-detonated at Maelbeek metro station and Zaventem airport.

A minute’s silence was held at each location at the exact time the explosions took place.

This year, not 16, but 17 names were called out at the airport. The name of Shanti De Corte was added – the young woman who was euthanised last year as a result of her declining mental health after the attack.

In the months following the attack, the lack of response and help offered by the state left survivors and the families of victims feeling disillusioned, adding salt to their wounds.

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